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January 25
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Amie Academy: Shiva by Aka-Chibi Amie Academy: Shiva by Aka-Chibi
i cant resist pokemon/high school rp groups :iconotlplz:

Name: Shiva Elysis
Species (#): Luxray (#405)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 15

Nature: Bold
Characteristic: Quick Tempered

Ability: Intimidate
+Wild Charge
+Ice Fang (egg move)

Grade: 11th Grade
+Region Studies: Sinnoh
+Study Hall
+Language Arts: French
+Sex Ed
Excelled Class: Trigonometry
Sport: Track and Field

When Shiva was a child, she used to be very obedient and kind. She had all of that childish innocence, and she was wasn't afraid to do something scary because she was brave and bold. Or just reckless and don't consider the consequences. Either way, due to her nature she was able to do all kinds of things throughout the years. Exploring a "haunted" woods, picking up icky spiders, approaching those shady kids.
At that point, Shiva started picking up bad habits from them. She started to get rude, steal things, lie, get shorter tempers and got into fights, all kinds of things, and it upset her parents so much that she out kicked out and had to move in with her aunt and uncle.
From there, Shiva tried to get respect from her family back by doing school work. She dropped a lot of bad habits, but couldn't get rid of some (AKA her developed personality and short temper). Despite this, she will try her hardest to get the best grades so she can be accepted again.

Shiva is just a young lady trying to look tough and fierce by having a cold and unfriendly personality. She will throw a lot of insults, put-downs, or just put up an uninterested attitude, thus making her quite unapproachable and not popular.
However, she is able to dial down the rudeness when a situation calls for it. This usually happens when she's interacting with adults, in class, or when a serious problem is occurring. She just gets quiet and oddly obedient. Sometimes awkward too.

Due to her nature and characteristic, she has the tendency to do something furious and reckless - like getting into fights. She normally attacks verbally, but will get physical if it has to come to that. Otherwise, she's mean but harmless.

When it comes to school, however, Shiva will stop being a bully and focus on class. She will even communicate in groups or cooperate with others without breaking an insult, almost as if she's a different person. She's serious about school and actually cares about her grade, so she drops everything to ensure that she will have a successful future. Because of this, she doesn't get detention that often (through the teachers, anyway). But once class is over, she'll go back to being mean and unapproachable.

If you managed to get her affections or pity, she will be more gentle and caring. She'll still sound mean and rude, but she'll make it in a "tough loving" way.

+She'll probably never admit this, but she has a soft side for children and hopes to be a mother one day
+She loves to be scratched behind the ears and under the chin, but she will fake it and try to act pissed off
+She's less mean to people that get easily scared/starts crying, as well as younger people. If anything, she just awkwardly tip toes around them.
+She's more likely to befriend people that challenges her (be mean back, competes with, get aggressive with, etc) but doesn't dislike her. Really, if you don't mind her personality and actually like her, she will warm up to you.
+If you're as serious about school as she is, she'll be nicer
+But if you do anything that will threaten or jeopardize even in the slightest bit, she will hold a grudge
+She's pretty lean and not curvy, and also pretty dang tall (about 5'10"). She hates this
+Might do some electricity puns or references ("Buzz off" "Talk about electrifying" "I need to recharge")
+Has retractable claws
+Likely a tsundere
+Shocked/Scared = Fur puffing
Favorite Food(s):
+Likes Sour, not Spicy
+Likes Aspear berries
+Just give her sour candy or food (green apples, grapefruits, limes, etc) and she'll eat it all up
+Likes to run to release some pent up energy
+Otherwise, she'll take "catnaps" for long periods of time
+Anything competitive; mostly physical, such as sports
Theme Song: Accelerant - Blue Stahli
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raikupwns243 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
Oh my gosh she's so rad I lover her

I'm a sucker for the electrolions omg jgdglfj
Aka-Chibi Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
thanks you! x33

i really like your anton as well (what a magnet!)

the whole family is just perfect mfg
raikupwns243 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014
kjgdjg thank you again omg

Zanbee Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
O she so cool looking~!I bet Aero and her would become great friends,seeign how Aero likes to hang around the bad type of people. Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] 
Aka-Chibi Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
hahha, and I like the design for Aero x33
if we both get accepted we should do some aero and shiva shenanigans :'DD
Zanbee Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Yea really!~ Thanks!

If I may ask what is a shenanigan,I never done one!
Aka-Chibi Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
oh, that's just a word i like to use when describing "having fun/ridiculous activities" x33
Zanbee Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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